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Interview with Hikaru

Hello, everyone,

It's been a while since I posted here last time:) Today I'd like to share with you the interview with Hikaru, my friend and me did in October for the web-project on music we run. We talked with him via e-mail, so we were somewhat limited in our possibility of asking him to expand certain answers, but I still hope this material will be interesting to the band's fans. Usually, it's Issay who's mainly in focus, whereas other Der Zibet members don't get that much of attention, so we're glad we got a chance to talk with the person, who's the main driving force behind the band's music and arrangements. The interview goes in English and in Japanese.
Hope you'll like:)
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Just wanted to say...

... that thanks to Mari Fukuhara we now have two pieces from December live 〜Moonshine Wonderland〜 were Issay made a guest appearance:

An interesting fact is that the first one is new song – at least I've never met the title "Carnival" in setlists of previous ISSAY meets Dolly performances.

There're also two more videos, Mari-san solo things, which are as wonderful as Dolly's songs: Baroque and Peasar. To my knowledge both are from her first solo albim "Pieta".
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On 9 stories and 8 songs

The question that every overseas fan seems to ponder is why with the title "Nine stories" the album has only 8 songs. Looking through Japanese fans reports on the last two one-mans the band held December 1 and 8, I came across an interesting remark that gives a clue to the riddle. A fan quoted Issay's MC at Tokyo live which roughly was as follows:

"I told you 8 stories, the 9th one each of you please spin yourself."*

So, like some books do, Issay has left us with an open ending. It's an elegant gesture, isn't it? Upcoming issue of the magazine "Motto" by is promised to contain Issay's interview about the album, so let's hope that later there'll come more info.

*I don't know if these are exact Issay's words or just a narration (as I found this quotion in another report in a different wording), so if you're referring to this entry somewhere, keep it in mind please^^
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Latest updates on "Nine Stories"

Finally there's a full list of songs that new album will include:

01. 地獄の季節
02. Over The Radio
06. エーテルの時間
07. 十六夜の丘
08. ビロードの宇宙

Two of them, "Over the Radio" and "Dark Sapphire", were earlier presented to the public at the band's summer lives.
For attention of those fans, who may be willing to support the band and purchase new album, it is now available for pre-order on CDJapan, HMV and Amazon. I'm not sure if ships internationally without any limitations, check it for your country please, but other two stores do. With that both Romanoids are available via iTunes, it's possible that "Nine Stories" will make it there too later.
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For the record

Cover of the upcoming mini-album "Nine stories" appeared finally:

Thanks to for the big size picture^^

From other head-ups, Issay's making guest appearence at Mari Fukuhara's live 「〜Moonshine Wonderland?」 at 西麻布新世界 December, 15.
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“A 'good band' had to have at least three saxophones in it (one of which had to
be a baritone), two guitar players, bass and drums. It was
regarded as a more serious band if everybody wore a pink flannel, one-button roll
sport coat. It was really good if they had pants to match -- and it was superb if
all the guys in the front row knew the same steps, and if they went
'up and down' at the same time on the fast songs.”

The Real Frank Zappa Book

These words are first that come to my mind when watching recordings of Hikaru Yoshida’s debut band, “Be-Bops”. True, they didn't have 3 saxophones, but pink outfits of some members fully made up for that, automatically putting them into the said class of “good bands”.
What strikes next is the urge to dig out what path led this person to rockabilly in the first place and, from there, to his own band.
And here comes the problem, because among all scanned materials, there isn’t much on Hikaru’s bio, except for a very detailed chronology of Der Zibet published in Fool’s Mate 9/94, snippets from which morgianasama kindly narrated in this post a long while ago. So it was only logical to look up our guitarist in the same article. In the end I found it so interesting, that I decided to translate it. It’s always been so that fans’ attention was mostly drawn to Issay, so I think it’ll be only fair to talk about the person who is responsible for the entire massif of band’s music.
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Couple of hours ago band finally has announced new album "NINE STORIES". The album will be released December 25, 2013. It is already available for pre-order on Japanese Amazon (though not yet on CD Japan). Japanese fans will be able to purchase the album before the official release at lives in Shibuya REX, December 1, and Osaka 2nd Line, December 8.
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News on the band's plans...

...that I should have posted here like two months or so ago, when first signs of their recording activity overslipped in Japanese fans' reports. This summer (at the live at Shibuya Rex, June 30) the band introduced two new songs: 'Over the radio' and 'Dark Sapphire'. According to what Japanese fans said in their reports back then, it seemed that in one of the MCes Hikaru promised to release mini-album by the end this year. Now this promise comes more officially, as you can read about it here, in the report on the most recent band's live, and here, in Hikaru's update.

As far as new releases are concerned, there're also head-ups from Masami Tsuchiya at last, who says that his new album (for which Issay provided vocals) will be released in November. This release, named "Swan Dive" is promised to include 6 songs and come along with DVD (in which I hope we'll be able to see more than just snippets from April KA.F.KA's performance "The Maiden voyage").
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Old tours of Der Zibet

I found this entry via web archive and thought it may be useful, so I translated it into english.

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Necessary comment about “ビバビバ・ハバロフスク”: “Vivaviva Khabarovsk” was band of DZ drummer Mayumi. It consisted of MIKI(ex-パッセンジャーズ) on vocal, Sumida Takeshi (澄田健) on guitar (worked with VooDoo Hawaiians, LOOPUS, Zi:LiE-YA etc), DEVIL(麝香猫)on bass and Mayumi on drums.